Hello, I'm Simon.

You may know me as Lazyllama

I'm a self learnt developer from Sweden, i develop random things that go from web development to game scripts. As a kind of side hobby i manage and administrate servers.

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Viteza Developer

Nov 2022 - Present


  • Developing for viteza helping out with things that needs to be done.
  • Using bash to create pterodactyl eggs for viteza to use.


August 2021 - Present

Sweden / Remote

  • Beginning to use my code to help others and gain revenue from it by freelancing.
  • Using my skills to develop things for other people and learn to take criticism.
  • Starting to manage/administrate servers and learn linux while doing so.
  • Getting familiar with game development and mobile app development.

Hobby Developer

2018 - 2021 August

From home

  • Learning code languages and doing small projects from time to time.
  • Starting to use html with css and make my own website for the first time.
  • Exploring the world of developers and code and learning from others and own mistakes.
  • Started to explore what coding can do and what each individual language is used for.